MayoNiche Review (Hardik Raval): Is It Worth The Money?

Welcome to my MayoNiche review!

Basically, MayoNiche is a brand new training course just launched on Aug 14th, 2021 by Hardik Raval. Honestly, I don’t know about this guy, but this product is quite interesting so I decided to promote it.

As its claim on the sales page, MayoNiche is a brand new SEO weapon to instantly generate bucket loads of niche/keyword ideas, gain higher rankings on search engines, and get embarrassingly large amounts of traffic.

Okay now, let’s jump into my MayoNiche review to see if it’s good enough to make a buying decision!


#1. What is MayoNiche?

MayoNiche is the All-In-One SEO & Niche Marketing platform that’s been built with machine intelligence to give you the full power of data with ease.

It offers all the tools you need to grow your organic traffic, audience, and ultimately your business.

Below is the main dashboard of MayoNiche & I’m an “early access” user!


#2. Who’s the creator of MayoNiche?

(Hardik Raval)

As I said before, the product creator of MayoNiche is Hardik Raval, and I don’t know much about this guy, all I find is that his product is very impressive, so I just decided to promote it on my blog.

And here’re a few things that I know about this guy. He’s a software engineer turned blogger who loves to talk about online businesses, blogging, internet marketing, and YouTube.

He’s also a fairly popular article writer with many useful and actionable tips about Internet Marketing in general, on “Medium: The KickStarter” as you can see more here.

#3. How does MayoNiche work?

After you bought MayoNiche, the vendor will provide you login details to access the main dashboard. And because it’s a cloud-based software so you don’t need to download or install anything. Just login to the software and use it with ease.

Now, follow my MayoNiche review and I’m going to show you more about this product. Let’s go!

Niche Explorer

Okay so the first section is the “Niche Explorer”, it includes 5 features: DFY Niche Ideas, Most Popular, Most Profitable, Trending Niches, Seasonal Niches.


There are more than 5,000 pre-researched, most profitable, most popular and, trending niche ideas and seasonal niche ideas for you.

Just enter a keyword and the software will generate hundreds to thousands of niche ideas in just a few minutes.

Micro-Niche Explorer

After you find a perfect niche idea for you, then you will need to find a micro-niche idea. Micro-niche is so important to grow your business in the right direction.


Let’s take the “Make Money Online” industry as an example. As you can see, “making money online” is a broad concept, so you must go deeper into this subject.

Ask yourself, how can you make money online?

Of course, there are many possible answers to this question, it could be…

  • affiliate marketing,
  • print-on-demand,
  • dropshipping,
  • youtube,…

These are already some examples of micro-niches. Of course, you still can dive deeper into these micro-niches, this is just one example, so I will stop there.

Because your website is about a specific topic, it has a higher chance to be found in search engines like Google or Bing. Your site is precise; there is less competition, more search queries with a purchase intention, and you can always expand your website later with other related micro niches.

So, with MayoNiche, you just need to enter a keyword, choose your country, language and hit the ‘Search’ button, this software will generate a ton of micro-niche ideas for you.

Keyword Explorer

With this feature, you can generate thousands of untapped keyword ideas for any topic, head term, keyword or subject, and use them for keyword planning.

From here you can plan the attack as to what keywords you need to go after to explode the organic traffic to your site.


Such simple, just enter a keyword, choose your country, language and hit the ‘Search’ button, you can get tons of keyword ideas.

SERP Explorer

MayoNiche’s Powerful SERP explorer is the ultimate weapon for discovering the competition for any keyword.


Use it to search the top competitors in your niche, what blog headlines they use, and the type of the result (paid, organic, featured snippet, video, etc.).

Google Trends

MayoNiche is the world’s first SEO tool that comes with built-in support for all the Google Trends filters and features.


Use them to analyze the Interest over time, Interest by sub-region or city, and Related Queries (top or rising) for any keywords.

Domain Research

With MayoNiche’s EMD Search (Exact Match Domain), you can quickly search for the exact match domain names for each keyword in the most common extensions (like .com, .net, .io, etc.) plus the niche-specific extensions (like .tech, .clinic, .trade, etc.).


Register all the domain names that are relevant to your niche.

MayoNiche LIVE Demos

Okay, that’s all about this product. It’s pretty simple to use, right? So, if you’re still confused, you can watch the MayoNiche demo video right below to see more details.

#4. MayoNiche review: Key Features

Here’re the key features included in the main version:

The Intent-Focused niche marketing & SEO tool that generates thousands of micro-niche ideas, bucket loads of keyword ideas with various metrics in seconds.

Generate trending niche ideas and get insights into user search intent over time easily through the world’s only Google Trends Tool.

See every relevant activity displayed within its stylish and intuitive dashboard.

Utilize the state-of-the-art SEO tool suite to discover the hidden competition metrics for any idea, keyword, or topic you can think of.

Done-For-You niche research (for most profitable, most popular, and trending) in more than 5,000 niche markets like hobbies, sports, health, finance, relationships, and many more.

The sophisticated analytics giving you super useful information that competing products can only dream of delivering.

Research niche ideas, micro-niche ideas, keywords, search volumes, exact match domains, SERPs, without breaking a bead of sweat – from a single window.

Get quick insights for any niche or keyword in the form of intuitive graphs that show organic search competition, paid competition, Google/Bing search volumes, SERPs, related niche/keyword ideas, and much more.

Instantly check the availability of the Exact Match Domains for each keyword and register the domain name at your favorite hosting provider.

Super Powerful Machine Learning Engine under the hood trained on millions of keywords to identify keyword intent.

Intent-focused ideas are added daily in our system to cover different use-cases with maximum accuracy.

Now, let’s move to the next section of this MayoNiche review to see why you should buy this product.

#5. Why should you buy MayoNiche?

You can make use of this brand-new platform to find profitable niches, micro-niches, or keywords that are SKYROCKETING!

This powerful platform enables you to see whether or not the search trends are declining or decreasing overtime for any keyword.

Moreover, it also allows you to see STABLE or SEASONAL trends in one distinct shot. It’s the world’s first platform that comes with in-built support for all the Google Trends filters and features.

Use them to analyze the Interest over time, Interest by sub-region or city, and Related Queries (top or rising) for any keyword(s).

From top COUNTRIES to the smallest TOWN in the world – they’ve covered everything for you.

It covers EVERY location or language you can think of, so you can get page #1 rankings REGARDLESS of where you are in the world.

This is the first-of-its-kind system that is powered by REAL Location Intelligence!

MayoNiche makes it super easy for you to make the full power of Google Trends, so you can use the MayoNiche Google Trends tool:

  • To Find Niche/Micro Niche Topics by Region
  • To Spark of Your Ad Creative
  • In keyword research
  • In Paid Search
  • To Promote Your eCommerce Store
  • To Generate Fresh Content
  • To Track competitor’s Positions
  • Create Informative Content about Current Trends
  • To Create YouTube Videos

By now, you already know that Google Trends enables you to make plans ahead of seasonal trends in order to find or discover any RAPIDLY GROWING niches.

MayoNiche is the only platform in the world that puts you a WAY ahead of your tough competitors so that you can DOMINATE your niche.


#6. MayoNiche review: Pros & Cons

MayoNiche Pros:

  • 100% Cloud-Based Software & Easy-To-Use.
  • Perfect For Beginners: No Techie Stuff.
  • The Intent-Focused Niche Marketing & SEO Tool.
  • Generate Trending Niche Ideas & Users’ Insights Easily.
  • DFY Niche Research in 5K+ Niche Markets.
  • Intent-Focused Ideas Added Daily.
  • Do All Those Features in Just ONE Dashboard.
  • 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Tons of Custom-Made Bonuses Right Below.

MayoNiche Cons:

  • Once the launch ends on Aug 20th, the price will be increased.
  • Because it’s a cloud-based software, you need to have a good internet connection to use.

#7. How much does MayoNiche cost?

MayoNiche goes live on Aug 14th, 2021 @ 10am EST.

MayoNiche FE ($67 – $97)

– MayoNiche Lite: $67

  • 200 starter credits (+100 bonus credits)
  • Full access to all the features

– MayoNiche Pro: $97

  • 500 starter credits (+200 bonus)
  • Full access to all the features

MayoNiche OTO1: Pro Basic ($49/Month)

MayoNiche Pro Basic License is the perfect choice for beginners and small creators. With this One-Time-Only Upgrade, the customers get 1000 credits (searches) per month and full access to all the features.

MayoNiche OTO2: Pro Plus ($69/Month)

With our Pro Plus license, the customers get 2000 credits (searches) per month and full access to all the features of MayoNiche. It works best for the experts and advanced marketers who own one or more sites and want to multiply the opportunities.

MayoNiche OTO3: Pro Business ($99/Month)

MayoNiche Pro Business license works best for the individuals and agencies who manage their own sites as well as clients’ sites. With this One-Time-Only Upgrade, the customers get 3000 credits per month.

#8. Who is MayoNiche best for?

Any small creators, marketers, and experts alike.

No matter whether you’re a writer, affiliate marketer, blogger, SEO expert, digital marketer, domain flipper, website flipper, freelancer, YouTuber, or entrepreneur, MayoNiche will work for you.

#9. FAQs about MayoNiche

Do I Need To Install MayoNiche On My Computer?

NO. You don’t need to install MayoNiche on your laptop or computer as it’s not a software application. It’s a cloud-based web application that can be accessed using any browser and has a good internet connection.

How Do The Credits Work?

Simple, 1 credit = 1 query. The query could be the search request, SERP request, domain request, niche/keyword analysis, etc. When you search for anything (for example, niche, keyword, google trends, domain, SERP, etc.), one credit will be deducted from your account.

Can I Use MayoNiche For My Clients?

YES, you can. We offer a dedicated license “Pro Business” for this purpose as One-Time Upgrades along with the regular license. You can upgrade to this license and offer services to your clients.

Do I Get Free Updates?

YES! As a member, you will receive free updates for life. The app will be updated automatically whenever we’ll release a new update.

This ensures that you will always be using the latest version of the app.

Do You Offer Any OTOs?

Yes, we do offer three optional one-time upgrades “Pro Basic”, “Pro Plus” and “Pro Business” for an incredibly low price. These optional upgrades are available during our special launch window only and could be taken down at any time.

How To Contact The Support?

If you are facing any problem or have questions, you can reach out to us at and open a new support ticket.

We usually respond within 24 to 48 hours except for holidays.

#10. MayoNiche review: Final verdict

The platform is Better, Faster, and more Powerful than other tools to deliver you HIGHER rankings, traffic & sales.

It will get to work and give you THOUSANDS of profitable, popular, and trending keywords to skyrocket your site to page #1 of Google!

It’s really the PERFECT solution for anyone running any type of online business, and don’t forget you also have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so your purchase is 100% risk-free!

If you have any other questions, please drop your messages in the comment section below. Thanks for reading my MayoNiche review!

Why should you buy MayoNiche from me?

When you buy this product through my MayoNiche review, you’ll get all the custom-made bonuses below instantly that you won’t see anywhere else.

Now have a look at my MayoNiche bonuses below…

bonus lifetime access to long tail pro

bonus seo that works

bonus traffic masters class jasdeep singh

bonus the affiliate lab

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How To Access The Bonuses?

All you have to do is click on ANY button in this MayoNiche review, pick up your copy to receive all my custom-made bonuses above for FREE.

Bonuses are instantly delivered to your Warriorplus or JVZoo account.

If you have bought through Clickbank, or in case you have any problems, forward your receipt to edwardrecommends@gmail(dot)com

bonuses instant delivered warriorplus jvzoo

The bonuses from the vendor will be automatically delivered to the members’ area.


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