CoursEmpire Review (Victory Akpos): Is It Good or Bad?

Welcome to my CoursEmpire review!

Basically, CoursEmpire is a brand new all-in-one revolutionary software just launched on Aug 18th, 2021 by a super affiliate and software creator, Victory Akpos.

As its claim on the sales page, it will help you make an insane amount of profits with the first-ever all-in-one video course creation suite with 100+ HOT DFY courses to start selling instantly.

Okay now, let’s jump into my CoursEmpire review to see if it’s good enough to make a buying decision!


#1. What is CoursEmpire?

CoursEmpire is a brand new all-in-one revolutionary video course creation suite that allows you to sell your knowledge through videos without monthly fees.

It also includes 100+ HOT DFY courses to start selling instantly, which means you don’t need to be an expert, a guru, a professional in your niche to start making profits.

CoursEmpire in summary:

  • Create & Sell Your Online Video Course
  • Create Professional Sales Page To Market Your Courses
  • Built-in Video Marketing Tools
  • Brand Your Courses And Sell Under Your Name
  • No Technical Skills Required. Zero Learning Curve
  • Fully Cloud Based. Nothing To Download Or Install

Below is the main dashboard of CoursEmpire & I’m an “early access” user!


#2. Who’s the creator of CoursEmpire?

(Victory Akpos)

The man behind this powerful software is Victory Akpos.

Victory is a very talented affiliate marketer as well as software creator, he has already had many successful 5-6 figure launches before, such as: CopyMatic, TypeKit, SociFluencer, VideoMatic, Upreachr, Videract, ViralEngagr, Uduala and many many more.

The best part is, many people are getting real results with his products and the special thing is that all of his products are NEW & UNIQUE, so CoursEmpire is no exception!

#3. How does CoursEmpire work?

After you purchased CoursEmpire, the vendor will provide you login details, just use that info to login to the main dashboard and start using this software with ease. This step is pretty simple!

Now, follow my CoursEmpire review and I’m going to show you more about this product. Let’s go!

CoursEmpire Main Dashboard

I’m gonna go over the interface, so let’s go ahead, sign in, and get started.

When the app first opens, it’s gonna open to your dashboard and you’ll see all of the data here.


In this main panel, we’ve got total sales, students, visits, and gross revenue. And right below there’s a chart, here we’ve got sales and views data.

Video Drive

Next is the “Video Drive” feature, it’s just like any other file explorer you may be used to.


So, you’ll see the folders on the left and the selected contents here in the middle.

So, if I select a folder, the contents in the middle here will change accordingly, I can of course jump into different subfolders and find various content.

You have a variety of actions that you can take on any of the content, so you’ve got “Download” and “Delete”, you can also “Add New Subfolder” or “Upload” your video files.

Video Interactive

The next tab is “Video Interactive” and this is a really neat feature where you can take your viewers on a choose your own adventure video tour.

So, we have got some action here: Edit, Funnel Preview, Share, Embed Code, and Delete.



Let’s click the “Edit” action and you’ll get a better idea of what this is all about.

So, here we already have a funnel of five videos, we can also add more by easily dragging videos on the left side into this area.


Now, let’s go ahead and edit one of these videos to add some interactions.



Okay so, as you can see in the image above, you can change the appearance colors of the player a.k.a “Branding”.


And the next setting right below is the “Video Control”, where you can turn your video to auto-play, so the video will automatically start playing when the person lands on that page.


Likewise, you can control what happens at the end of the video.

  • Pause on the last frame
  • Reset to the thumbnail
  • Video replay
  • Rewatch button
  • Redirect to a specified URL


Now, let’s take a look at the “Thumbnail” setting. Thumbnail is the image that displays when the video is not playing.


So, you can accept the default, or you can use a frame from the video and you just scroll through the video until you find a frame that you like for your thumbnail, and you just control it by using the little slider to define when that video starts.

Optionally you can use a custom image, simply upload your image that you want it to be, or choose from stock images with millions of pictures to choose from.


You can add chapters to longer videos so viewers can immediately jump to the content they most want to watch.


This feature allows them to play video lessons where they last left off, so they can quickly resume learning chapters means to break up your video into sections.

These chapters can help viewers by giving more info and context by allowing them to re-watch different parts of the video.



And now, as you can see right below, you also have various interactions such as CTA buttons with clickable links so you can direct traffic to your website simply by clicking a button in the video.

There are also annotation text, images, logo, opt-in forms, timer, HTML code, map, YouTube video, and social share button.


Next up, you’ve got the “Courses” feature, and this is a very powerful feature where you can create courses to sell or to present, to various.


And as you can see, you can “Import From DFY Course” or “Add New Course” as you want.

Let’s go ahead and create a new course, give it a name, add a description and it will look like this.


In short:

  • Stats: you’ve got a chart that looks like the one on the main dashboard.
  • Course: where you can add your lessons and import videos from “Video Drive” easily.
  • Pages: where you can edit and get links of your sales page, order page, thank you page, about us page, and term & conditions page.
  • Orders: where you can manage your orders.
  • Manage Students: where you can manage your students.
  • Branding: where you can add your logo and favicon.
  • Domain: choose your own Domain or Subdomain.
  • Analytics: where you can add Keywords for your entire website, Facebook Pixel ID, Google Tracking ID.
  • Payment Settings: where you can add Course Price, Payment methods, Days for refund, and Vendor information.

Video Analytics

Now then finally, here we have “Video Analytics” and this is a great feature where you can look and see the engagement that you’re getting on the videos that you have posted here.


So, how are people engaging with it, how many plays, what’s the play rate, how many hours a week plays us, and then you can even go further to see it in greater detail to traffic time, and heatmap by geography devices like browsers.



CoursEmpire allows you to instantly connect your favorite apps to automate your work and find productivity super powers: AWeber, GetResponse, ConvertKit, Benchmark, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Moosend, Icontact, ConstantContact, SendinBlue, Ontraport, MarketHero, SendLane.

CoursEmpire LIVE Demos

Okay, that’s all about this product. It’s pretty simple to use, right? So, if you’re still confused, you can watch the CoursEmpire demo video right below to see more details.

#4. CoursEmpire review: Key Benefits

Here’s what’s included in the main version:

✅ Create Ideal E-learning Experience

CoursEmpire is one of the best platforms to create an ideal E-learning experience. Make your video more fun and interactive with its multi-advanced tools.

It offers you a fully responsive mechanism so that your student can easily access your videos using PCs, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones anywhere at any time.

✅ Easy Branding

CoursEmpire lets you choose the color and appearance of your video player. It also allows you to add clickable brand logos if you want.

CoursEmpire helps you make your video more attractive and positions you as an authority. You won’t find such amazing and unique features in any other video-creating software.

✅ Sales Video Hosting

Other course platforms don’t allow you to host sales videos, and so it becomes very difficult to market your video and get traffic.

CoursEmpire makes it easy for you to attract new students by allowing you to host your sales videos directly from the CoursEmpire Platform.

Now no more worries… you don’t even need to have any other streaming platforms.

✅ Super-Interactive

CoursEmpire offers you a ton of interactive features that no other course creation software offers.

Inside CoursEmpire you will get cutting-edge interactive tools that allow you to add Click-To-Action Buttons, Annotations, Images, Logo, Optin Forms, Video Overlay, Maps, Timers, Embed Your HTML Code, Social Share Buttons, and Chapters written within your videos.

✅ Powerful Video Marketing Tools

CoursEmpire also lets you create videos with Email Options, Calls To Action Buttons, And Social Sharing Links… so that you can easily target prospects with email campaigns, drive traffic to your course sale pages and promote your brand to more potential students.

✅ Complete Course Customizations

Video customizations with CoursEmpire are super easy. You get Logo & favicon options (to display in Browser Tab).

You can also add clickable logo buttons to your video courses and easily establish a Strong Brand Identity. And select video thumbnails that you want to use for each lesson and choose colors for your video player too.

✅ Affordability

CoursEmpire offers a ton of super cool functionality and features within a very less charge that is only at a one-time payment which other courses’ software doesn’t have such features and they also don’t offer us such functionality at an affordable price.

✅ Easy Video Promotion

Now it’s time to promote your courses with CoursEmpire’s super effective sales videos. It enables you to select Video player colors, border skins, player skins, and customized thumbnails, Clickable brand logo for branding with hiding or display controls, play bar, autoplay, full-screen option, and many more.

✅ Easy Optimizations

Now video optimization is so much fun and easy with CoursEmpire. You have to do nothing. Everything will be done with a single click.

✅ Create Custom Domain

This is one of the most amazing features of CoursEmpire. It allows you to create your own custom domains.

✅ 100+ HOT DFY Courses To Start Selling Instantly

To get you profits even quicker, we have included 100+ hot and in-demand “Done For You” courses. That means you don’t have to write your own training guide or be on camera to start selling online. Simply use our DFY courses, and start cashing in.

✅ No CoursEmpire Transaction or Processing Fees

Some other such platforms charge transaction or processing fees… but CoursEmpire eliminates those fees so that you can keep all of what you earn.

Now, let’s move to the next section of this CoursEmpire review to see why you should buy this product.

#5. Why should you buy CoursEmpire?

Online education has gone viral. What was supposed to be the FUTURE of education has now become the PRESENT.

The online education industry is expected to grow past $325 billion by 2025.

2020-21 have been the years of eCourses. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed learners as well as teachers to embrace the virtual world, bringing eCourses to the center stage.

The biggest challenge for learners today is to figure out… What new skills are emerging?… And what can they do to compete best in the global market?

We’re in a world that’s changing so quickly that skills that were valued just three or four years ago are no longer relevant.

People are confused and don’t know what they should be learning.

All these reasons have turned online learning into a huge catalyst for people and companies to adapt to this rapidly changing world.

So, that’s why you need CoursEmpire so that you can tap into this rapidly growing trend and create a BIG passive income for yourself.


#6. CoursEmpire review: Pros & Cons

CoursEmpire Pros:

  • Create & Sell Your Online Video Course.
  • Create Professional Sales Pages To Market Your Courses.
  • Built-in Video Marketing Tools.
  • Brand Your Courses And Sell Under Your Name.
  • No Technical Skills Required. Zero Learning Curve.
  • Fully Cloud Based. Nothing To Download Or Install.
  • 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Tons of Custom-Made Bonuses Right Below.

CoursEmpire Cons:

  • Once the launch ends on Aug 22rd, the price will be increased.

#7. How much does CoursEmpire cost?

CoursEmpire goes live on Aug 18th, 2021 @ 11am EST.

CoursEmpire FE: Premium ($47)

– CoursEmpire Personal License


  • 10 Courses
  • 20 Students/Members
  • Website Builder
  • ​10 DFY Courses
  • ​Fully Hosted Sales Pages
  • ​Payment Integration
  • ​Branding Courses
  • ​Ready To Use Template
  • ​Course Stats
  • ​2,000 Visitors Monthly


  • 10 Funnels
  • Customize Control Settings
  • Embed your Funnel on WordPress, Shopify, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, AmeriCommerce, or on any other website
  • ​Share your Funnel on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, WhatsApp, Pinterest and Reddit
  • ​Add Optin Forms
  • ​Add Call To Action
  • Add Image
  • ​Add Logo
  • Add Annotation
  • Limited Stock Images
  • ​Add Maps
  • ​Add Social Share Buttons


  • 100 Videos
  • ​10 GB Storage
  • ​Upload Videos Up To 30 Min Long


  • 1-Click Integrate Aweber, GetResponse, ConvertKit


  • Deep Analytics

– CoursEmpire Commercial License


  • 100 Courses
  • 50 Students/Members
  • Website Builder
  • ​50 DFY Courses
  • Fully Hosted Sales Pages
  • ​Payment Integration
  • ​Branding Courses
  • ​Ready To Use Template
  • ​Course Stats
  • ​10,000 Visitors Monthly


  • 50 Funnels
  • Customize Control Settings
  • Embed your Funnel on WordPress, Shopify, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, AmeriCommerce, or on any other website
  • ​Share your Funnel on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, WhatsApp, Pinterest and Reddit
  • Add Optin Forms
  • ​Add Call To Action
  • Add Image
  • ​Add Logo
  • Add Annotation
  • Limited Stock Images
  • ​Add Maps
  • ​Add Social Share Buttons


  • Unlimited Videos
  • ​50 GB Storage
  • Upload Videos Up To 30 Min Long


  • 1-Click Integrate Aweber, GetResponse, ConvertKit


  • Deep Analytics


  • BONUS 1
  • ​BONUS 2
  • ​BONUS 3
  • ​BONUS 4
  • ​BONUS 5

CoursEmpire OTO1: Unlimited ($67)

CoursEmpire OTO2: 200 Courses DFY Setup ($147)

CoursEmpire OTO3: Unlimited Traffic ($67)

CoursEmpire OTO4: DFY Agency ($197)

Setup that enables you to sell services to coaches/marketers, etc.

CoursEmpire OTO5: White-label License ($97 / $197 / $297)

#8. Who is CoursEmpire best for?

CoursEmpire has been endorsed by the best in the industry, it’s perfect for…

  • Every marketer at any experience.
  • Anyone looking to sell courses and digital content online.
  • For teachers, coaches, online experts, gurus…
  • Anyone wanting to avoid paying separately & monthly for membership management platform & video hosting.
  • Anyone who hates paying expensive fees for tools like Kajabi, Teachable, and such other tools.
  • And many more.

#9. FAQs about CoursEmpire

Q. Does CoursEmpire Work on Windows & Mac?

Yes, it’s 100% cloud-based and works on any operating system, on any internet-connected device.

Q. Do I Need Experience or Tech Skills?

We designed CoursEmpire to be 100% newbie-friendly. You require no technical skills or prior experience to make massive profits with CoursEmpire.

Q. Support & Software Updates?

FREE & automated. Get Support in just 1-Click if you need anything. Ongoing updates are automatically pushed to the software so you’ll always have the most updated version.

Q. Is Training Included?

Yes, full training is included to help you get started and make insane profits with CoursEmpire.

#10. CoursEmpire review: Final verdict

CoursEmpire is certainly not a bad pair of jeans that you’ll buy & regret later. Even though it costs less than jeans, it is certain to add great value.

It is a gift that keeps on giving…allowing you to create, manage, promote & track personal video courses on a daily basis.

It helps you convert an unprecedented number of students giving a huge boost to your sales, profits & lifestyle.

I’m sure you will love the simple, intuitive & fast way of creating video courses. But, should you have any second thoughts… simply reach out to them within 30 days of your purchase & get a full refund.

If you have any other questions, please drop your messages in the comment section below. Thanks for reading my CoursEmpire review!

Why should you buy CoursEmpire from me?

When you buy this product through my CoursEmpire review, you’ll get all the custom-made bonuses below instantly that you won’t see anywhere else.

Now have a look at my CoursEmpire bonuses below…

bonus lifetime access to long tail pro

bonus traffic masters class jasdeep singh

bonus the affiliate lab

bonus 100 per day formula clickbank robby blanchard

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How To Access The Bonuses?

All you have to do is click on ANY button in this CoursEmpire review, pick up your copy to receive all my custom-made bonuses above for FREE.

Bonuses are instantly delivered to your Warriorplus or JVZoo account.

If you have bought through Clickbank, or in case you have any problems, forward your receipt to edwardrecommends@gmail(dot)com

bonuses instant delivered warriorplus jvzoo

The bonuses from the vendor will be automatically delivered to the members’ area.


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