16 Legit Ways To Make Money Fast in 2021 and Beyond [Part 1]

In this post, I’m going to show you 16 legit ways to make money fast in 2021 and beyond even if you don’t have any experience. These are the fastest, easiest ways to make some extra cash with your computer and smartphone.

How much can you make?

It all depends on how many of the methods you use and how often you use them. Some of the methods can generate $25-100 a month. Others are much more than that.

In fact, many people have used some of these methods to earn $1,000’s per month. You don’t need a website, an email list, or any experience. All you need is a computer or a smartphone.

Try one or two from each section, see which ones work best for you, then do them on a regular basis. Your bank account will thank you! Okay, let’s go!

Website & App Testing

Did you know that you can get paid to simply visit websites, surf around and share your experience?

Yes, many people earn easy money doing this every day.

To become a website tester, you simply sign up at one of the reputable website testing sites and they’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to start making money.

Some companies require you to install screen-recording software, which will enable your activity to be recorded. You then share your experience as you visit the pages and complete the tasks required with each test.

In a nutshell, your job is to find problems at websites so the owners can make sure their websites are easy to navigate and work properly.

Website owners are happy to pay to find out if their visitors can find the content they are looking for and add products to their cart.

In this section, you will find the top two website testing companies where you can get paid to test sites.

Method #1: UserLytics


UserLytics is a leading testing service that pays testers to check out the usability of apps and websites.

You simply sign up at their website or download the app onto your smartphone to get started. Once you sign up, you can test from home, on your own time, whenever you are free.

Your work will consist of completing a series of tasks and instructions while interacting with websites or mobile apps or viewing video commercials.

You then provide your feedback and suggestions, sharing your thoughts, emotions, criticisms, and suggestions while answering questions.

You will be paid $5, $10, $15, $20, even up to $90 for your feedback. UserLytics pays you via Paypal once your test results have been approved.

To get started with UserLytics, register here by completing the short form and joining their global community of user testers. Once accepted, you can interact with your computer or mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

Method #2: UserTesting


UserTesting.com is another place where you can earn money testing apps and websites. It pays by the test, which usually takes 15-20 minutes to complete.

UserTesting pays you to visit websites or apps, complete a set of tasks, and speak your thoughts aloud. You’ll get $10 via PayPal for every 20-minute video you complete.

Most people will get 2-4 tests per week so that’s $20-$40 a week for about an hour of work.

And here’s a tip to earn even more… keep a browser with a tab for the UserTesting.com site running whenever you’re near it. That’s because many of the tests you would qualify for are sometimes gone within minutes of being offered. Naturally, the more you’re willing or able to complete, the more you’ll earn.

To get started with UserTesting.com, sign up here.

Once accepted, you can start visiting sites and apps, sharing your thoughts, and getting paid!

Action Plan…

OK, now you have two great places where you can earn easy money simply by testing websites and apps.

Why not try out these resources right now. Open each website and sign up as a tester. Then decide on one or both to work with regularly.

Hey, you’re surfing around on the web anyway, why not get paid for it!

Sell Stuff Fast

The easiest way to make some fast money either online or off, is to sell stuff. And smartphones have made it so simple to sell stuff fast, it’s ridiculous. I’m talking seconds to post an item, and results can be same-day in many cases.

Usually, you can simply sell stuff you already have. You may be surprised at how much stuff you consider useless or junk, that other people will pay good money for.

I’ve used this method over and over to not only make fast cash but to get rid of stuff that’s taking up space. Years ago I made the commitment to sell something whenever I bought something new. It’s a great strategy to keep things from accumulating and keeping open, welcoming spaces in your home.

If you think you don’t have anything of value to sell, think again. I’ve sold some crazy stuff over the years including a 12-year old, used hot water heater when I upgraded to a money-saving hybrid model. (I got $100 bucks for it!)

And remember, to make fast money selling stuff, you don’t have to have any stuff at all. You can simply visit local yard sales, estate sales and even ReStores that sell stuff cheap.

Once you get the hang of knowing what sells and for how much, you can turn an easy profit anytime you want.

OK, so here are the best ways to sell stuff online and offline. I’ll assume you already know about Craigslist and eBay, which can work well in some instances. So I won’t go into how to sell on those platforms.

Instead, I’ll share some rapidly growing platforms that are built for smartphone simplicity. You can use them all on your computer as well, but once you try them on your smartphone you’ll truly understand just how fast and easy they make selling. It’s snap and post simple – just so outrageously easy to do.

Take this first one for example…

Method #3: Letgo


Letgo is one of my favorite ways to sell stuff. With Letgo you’re selling to local people.

The screenshot above shows the LetGo website, but most of their users (including me!) use only the LetGo smartphone app. (It’s so simple!)

More and more people are using Letgo instead of Craigslist nowadays, probably due to all the spam and scammers that you can be subject to when selling on Craigslist.

Not only is Letgo virtually free of the scammers and spammers, selling is so simple.

You basically open the app on your smartphone and click “Sell Your Stuff”.

Then you choose a category and your camera opens. Next, you click to take a picture of the item and add a price. That’s it!

Believe it or not the app usually knows exactly what to title your listing as, and how to categorize it, based only on your picture.

I’ve literally sold over a thousand dollars worth of stuff on Letgo and most stuff goes within days of listing. I sold a snowplow, some shelving, a used mattress, a used hot water heater, workout equipment and even an old trampoline!

I’ll bet if you took a quick tour around your home, shed, basement, closets, garage, etc., you would find a lot of things to list.

Just bring your smartphone along with you. Keep the Letgo app open and click “Sell Your Stuff” every time you find something you want to get rid of. Then snap a picture of each item you’re listing, add a price, and your item will go live instantly!

It’s fun, easy and believe me, quite profitable!

Method #4: OfferUp


Similar to LetGo, OfferUp also allows you to buy and sell items locally. Their user base is about half the size of LetGo but it is still heavily used and a great way to sell stuff.

The screenshot above shows the OfferUp website, but most of their users (including me!) use only the smartphone app.

Some people find OfferUp to be easier to use than LetGo though I personally prefer the former. Like LetGo it is very simple to sell your stuff, and the task of posting an item for sale can be done in as little as 30 seconds.

Just like LetGo, the smartphone app uses an onboard messaging platform so you can communicate with others without giving out your personal information.

The one advantage that OfferUp has over LetGo is that you can sell items anywhere because you can ship items to your buyers. That expands your reach if you are willing to do a little extra work with packing and shipping.

In fact, you may want to consider listing your items on both LetGo and OfferUp at the same time to increase your exposure. Then simply remove the item from both after the sale is made!

Method #5: PoshMark


This one is similar to Letgo and OfferUp but specializes in clothing.

Ask the average person (especially women) what percentage of clothing they own, do they actually wear. Most people will say 10-20%. The rest sits in their closet or bureau drawer collecting dust. Some of it is even like new.

Why not turn some of that clothing into cold hard cash? That’s where Poshmark comes in. Poshmark is a place to sell (and buy) high-end fashion items including designer clothes and brand-name shoes.

Selling clothing with Poshmark is far simpler than using ebay or amazon. You can use the website or you can sell right from your smartphone.

Used designer clothing is worth a lot, and there is no shortage of women who would rather not pay retail price. After all, if they can get clothes or accessories that are still in good condition for half off or more, most jump at the chance.

Keep in mind when using Poshmark that it attracts a specific type of customer:

  1. Fashionable women who are budget-minded clothing enthusiasts
  2. People who own lots of designer brands

Even if you’re not a big fashion enthusiast, Poshmark may be a good way for you to make some extra money. Remember, in addition to your own closet, you can find great products to sell on Poshmark by going to yard sales, estate sales and even thrift shops. You may be surprised at how little you can pay for designer clothes that are lightly used.

The best way to get started with Poshmark is to visit their site or better yet, download the app onto your smartphone. Then sign in and start browsing. Check out top sellers and familiarize yourself with what sells for the most. Then get busy listing the clothes you want to sell, and start shopping for more locally that are in high demand!

Method #6: Mercari


Mercari originally started in Japan when there was no place to sell their used goods easily online. It is now becoming increasingly popular in the US and the U.K., with billions of items being sold every month.

Mercari called themselves an online “flea market app” and let users sell whatever they wanted. Their motto is Sell it, Ship It, Get Paid. That’s because with Mercari, buying and selling from your smartphone is so simple.

Keep in mind when using Mercari that it attracts a specific type of customer:

  1. People looking for a deal
  2. People trying to get rid of extra stuff
  3. Collectors

You can sell clothing on Mercari, too. But stick to Poshmark for designer clothes. However, if you have stuff like baby clothes or sports apparel to sell, then Mercari is a better choice.

Another great thing about Mercari is that items can be bought and sold in less-than-mint condition. Again, think flea market. Just make sure that you’re honest about the item’s condition so you won’t get bad feedback.

The best way to get started with Mercari is to download the app onto your smartphone.

Method #7: Peddle


OK, this one that not everyone can use, but it can be a big moneymaker if you can.

If you live in a rural area as I do, you know that it is very common to see old, broken-down cars in people’s yards. In fact, there are literally millions of people who let old cars rot in their yards. That’s a fact, even though 80% of most vehicles can be recycled, and there are companies who will pay good money for that material.

But you need to go to the right place. I had an old SUV I needed to get rid of last year. I called around to some junkyards and a few offered to come to get it for $50 or $100. One even offered me $250 which I almost accepted. Then I did some research online.

I found peddle.com and entered my vehicle’s info into the website. They offered me so much I thought it was a scam. But more research told me it was the real deal. I accepted the offer and a week later they came and towed it away and handed me a check for $1,572.

If you have any disabled vehicles sitting around, this is an easy, profitable solution. You could even help others get rid of their old junkers for a small commission. 😉

Action Plan…

OK, now you have five places where you can sell stuff you either already own, or stuff you buy exclusively to sell at profit.

Why not try out these resources on your computer or smartphone right now. Open each website or app and poke around. Then pick one or two to work with regularly.

Add a few items for sale and see what happens.

As I mentioned, I’ve made lots of money selling things I no longer need and you can too. Thanks to today’s technology, it’s fast, easy, and fun!

Hourly Pay Remote Positions

If you prefer more structured pay where you earn money for each hour you work, there are plenty of opportunities for that online.

Most pay in the neighborhood of $15 an hour. The drawback of course is that you’re basically trading your time for money, but many people prefer a steady income and don’t mind that arrangement.

If you’re one of those folks, then you need to be careful to avoid the myriad of scams and fake opportunities. I can help you with that. In this section, you’ll find some of the best reputable ways to earn an hourly wage online…

Method #8: Amazon

amazon jobs make money fast

Many people around the world now work from home for Amazon customer support.

Amazon even provides the computer for their remote customer service workers. They’ll send you a large Chromebook monitor with a small drive built in the back and they’ll even insure the equipment at your home address.

There’s no experience needed, as long as you can talk, you may be able to get hired and you’ll be fully trained by them.

Amazon has recently decided to pay all their workers a minimum of $15 an hour, so you can expect to start at that pay. They also offer plenty of overtime, and may even pay for you to go to college.

All you need is a dedicated workstation and decent internet speeds of 10mps download and 5 upload minimum to be eligible for this opportunity.

Oh, and for security purposes, you can’t use WiFi, you need to plug into your router with an Ethernet cable. And they want your workspace to be in a dedicated room with a door.

If an Amazon Remote Customer Service position interests you, take a daily visit to Amazon’s regularly updated job postings for availability.

Method #9: LiveOps

liveops make money fast

LiveOps is a highly respected outfit that hires customer service agents who want to work from home.

As a LiveOps agent, you provide services as your schedule permits, in blocks of time as small as 30 minutes. You also get to choose times that work best for your schedule.

Most of their agents get a straight talk-time rate of 25 cents per minute, (that’s $15/hr.) and some work on a base rate plus commission bonuses. Some of their other programs pay entirely on commission.

As an independent agent for LiveOps, you are paid after submitting regular invoices for their services, using their easy-to-use web-based system.

They pay you by either check or direct deposit, whichever you prefer, twice a month. There are also opportunities for sales incentives that can significantly increase your revenue – so the better service you provide, the greater your revenue potential!

If you’re someone who likes working directly with people and helping them solve problems, this may be a perfect company for you to join.

For more information on working for LiveOps, visit their website here.

Method #10: Sykes

sykes make money fast

Sykes is another great outfit for people who want to do customer support from home.

Founded in 1977 and based in Tampa, Florida, Sykes has over 10,000 employees. They love to hire people who work from home and always have many positions available to fill.

Working for Sykes gives you the chance to help people by answering a question, solving a problem, or finding something they need.

Serving clients in many different industries, call reps at Sykes are always in high demand, and many positions require no experience.

To find out more about working at home for Sykes, visit their website here.

Action Plan…

OK, now you have three places where you can earn a nice hourly pay doing customer support from home.

Why not check out these resources on your computer right now. Open each website and see which one interests you most.

If working remotely really interests you, I also suggest you join a few Facebook groups on the topic. That way you can read what other remote workers are talking about, learn more about this type of work and learn of open positions with other respectable companies.

This Remote Customer Service Jobs Facebook Group is one you can join for free where you’ll find lots of advice and regular job postings…

Remote Customer Service Jobs Facebook Group

And here’s one more Legit Home Jobs Facebook Group you should join called the 1099 Contract Job Group…

Legit Home Jobs Facebook Group

While most home-based customer service positions do offer flexible hours, remember that it’s more like showing up to work at a call center, but in your own home.

That means you need to clock in your start time, work, track your hours, and so forth.

If that’s too structured for you then you may want to check out the next section. In it, you’ll find another way to work from home and earn easy money…


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