Best Solo Ad Vendors For The Biz Opp & MMO Niches (2022)

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about purchasing solo ads, and how you can make sure that you always buy from one of the best solo ad vendors and get great traffic.


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Solo ads are like anything online, you will find people that hate them and think they don’t work, as well as people that love them and think they are incredible.

It’s no secret that obviously the people that love them are having success using them. And that comes down to a lot of things.

Obviously, your funnel has a lot to do with it, but even knowing the quality you are buying is one of the hardest parts.

I mean none of us to have an unlimited budget for testing and let’s face it losing money sucks. I have done my fair share of it lol.

So how do we know what the best sources are?

It normally comes down to testing and wasting money, not many other ways around it to be honest.

Unless you have someone like me waste the money over and over again, find what works, and then just simply point you in the direction of the best buyer clicks out there.

So I guess, you are welcome 🙂

You are aware, every single time I use all of these sources, I get sales. Not one-off here and there, but every time.

So without further ado, below are my best solo ad vendors & buyer click traffic sources in no particular order.

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Jen Johnston – Udimi


Jen is quickly becoming one of the best solo ad vendors & my favorite traffic sources. She can deliver nice and quick, and of great quality. Personally, I like my traffic to come in fast after I spend the money, so Jen gets a big tick from me, and did I mention sales every time?

P.s. A big tip is to go and find Jen in the solo deals at the top of Udimi. She sells way cheaper than she should, but that’s your advantage 🙂


Anthony Rousek – Udimi


Anthony is a champion buyer click seller. Whilst he is pretty humble and will never guarantee you sales. His traffic is second to none.

Anthony is a little bit more expensive than other Udimi vendors but to me, his price is still crazy cheap for the quality he delivers. Anthony isn’t your guy if you are looking for thousands of clicks though, atm he sells a max of 250 clicks, but that is the perfect amount to get some serious traffic rolling through your funnels, not too much out of pocket, and check out that 27% sales rate 🙂


Stefan Lindbom – Udimi


Stefan is a legend on Udimi. He has pretty quickly come from nowhere to become the top seller on Udimi month after month. That simply doesn’t happen without having the best of the best traffic.

He delivers fast and big volume. What more could you want?

And at a 32% sales rate, I can personally attest to his quality, with sales every time I use him.


Kujtim Guga – Udimi


This guy is a traffic-generating beast. Under 50c a click, crazy fast delivery, and as you can see above a 28% sales rating on Udimi. I love his traffic, and order as often as I can.

He is also in the top 5 sellers on Udimi every month, so again, that’s not an easy achievement and only comes with pure quality and great customer support.

Highly recommended!


Mark Barrett – Udimi


What can I say? This guy is a legend lol.

In all seriousness though, he doesn’t focus a lot on selling on Udimi, but the reviews he gets are pretty stellar, and definitely a high repeat order percentage which tells you he is doing something right.

He only mails to buyers lists from his product launches, so availability is not high, as he uses his buyers list regularly, but you definitely get pure buyer clicks with him.


Ed Newman –


Ed is a veteran of the industry and one of my favorites go-to sources.

On Ed’s website you can see a very large range of options to choose from, my favorite way to go is 1000 click 100% USA option but if you will greatly value in his funnel clicks also, whilst they take a little longer to deliver, I find they convert extremely well.



This website kinda looks like it was built in the 70’s but inside you will find some beautiful traffic.

This is my favorite source for big volume. I often come here when I want to bring in 1000-5000 clicks fast.

They do tend to take a little while to get the order started, but it is well and truly worth the wait.

Highly recommended for people looking to go big fast. Maybe test with smaller orders on Udimi, etc., then once you have your funnel dialed in, go big here.


So there you have it, whilst the list looks kinda small, there is more traffic in those lists than you could ever handle.

This is personally all I use in my business to reach crazy heights.

We win prize money, sell 100’s of units a day as a vendor and affiliate, and it all comes from these best solo ad vendors & buyer click traffic sources.

So to those that think solo ads suck, I would say maybe you just haven’t figured it out yet, because I think they are pretty awesome 🙂

Some Good Tips Using Solo Ads

Obviously over the last couple of years using nothing but solo ads, we have picked up some pretty serious tips that help immensely when it comes to being profitable using them.

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Tip #1 – Consistency

Sounds pretty straight forward right? But what we mean by this may be a little bit different from what you are thinking.

So obviously we are at a high level and have a large budget, so we bring in thousands per day, but when we were getting started, I found that instead of saying buying one chunk of 1000 clicks once in a week and waiting for that to come in, spreading it out over different orders daily seemed to always work a lot better.

I can’t really explain why this works better, except for maybe the consistency involved.

We did also find that as soon as the traffic stops, the results quite often stop also.

So buying small and often always works better than buying big once. Make sense?

Tip #2 – Mail Broadcasts Also

I use GetResponse as my autoresponder, and it seems that the follow-up system and the broadcast system is a little different.

What we found is obviously you get sales from the followups, but daily or every other day we also send out broadcasts to the same offer and it ALWAYS results in more sales and units moved.

Again I can’t really explain why, but it works, so do it 🙂


Tip #3 – Offset Your Costs

So it goes without saying the faster you can get your ad spend back, the faster you are in profitability.

We have done this quite a few different ways over the years, but by far my favorite is to add in a CPA/CPL offer in the first couple of follow-ups.

$1/lead may not sound like a lot but it adds up, trust me on that.

Tip #4 – Up Your Conversions

Again, sounds pretty obvious, but many marketers settle on their numbers and never test or tweak.

Whilst I know it’s a sucky job, getting a squeeze page to convert at 50% as opposed to 35% means a hell of a lot more subscribers when you start getting into bigger spending.

  • 10,000 clicks at 35% = 3500 new subscribers
  • 10,000 clicks at 50% = 5000 new subscribers.

I know which one I want.

Tip #5 – Retargeting

Even at a 50% conversion rate as you see above, half of our traffic is still not converting, use re-targeting to bring large volumes back, and also promote directly to them.

Tip #6 – Exit Pop

Again, we want to capture as much exit traffic as possible and get something out of them, you can send them to a different opt-in page, or simply a CPA/CPL offer to offset your costs. They are leaving anyway, may as well try and get something yeah?

Tip #7 – Know, Like & Trust Factor

It goes without saying, you are a perfect stranger to your new subscribers. They have no idea who you are, and yet you are expecting them to buy everything you recommend?

Sounds mental hey, but that’s what us marketers tend to do.

Invite these people into your life, do some videos, review products on video, show them some photos, etc.

People buy you as much as the products you recommend. Get good at this and you will literally learn how to print money on demand.

One of the best ways we convert complete strangers into customers is to send them to reviews from us as opposed to direct linking offers.

Never underestimate the power and perceived knowledge you will be seen to have done this. Again, from experience this could be the difference between success and failure for you.

Tip #8 – Get Some Recurring Income In Your Life

Pushing every day for one-time sales can certainly make you successful, but empires are built from recurring income.

Get the sale once, get paid every month until they cancel. I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars both ways, but I will take recurring every time now.

I actually use one recurring affiliate program that every single one of my new leads comes through before they ever see and one-time offers. It splits out 3 recurring streams of income and one high ticket, all purely on autopilot for me.

Tip #9 – Above All Else – Take Action

Guess what? It is going to take you some time to figure out your funnel and what works best for you. It will cost you some money getting set up, and starting to roll the traffic in.

But is it all worth it?

After making thousands a day, sitting on my rear end at home, playing with the kids, and doing as I please with not a care in the world, I would say it is fairly worth the effort yeah.

The Bottom Line

So you now have the hardest part of the process, that’s Quality Buyer Traffic!

I hope that you can build a targeted email list & get great traffic with these best solo ad vendors & buyer click traffic sources.

Solo ads aren’t easy. But they’re worth the effort. Because having done the work once, you’ll reap the rewards for a vedy-vedy long time.

If you still have questions, please email me at edwardrecommends@gmail(dot)com or leave a comment below.

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